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Scientific Visualization (VIS) refers to the three dimensional display and animation of complex data sets. The RWBC is exploring how to integrate GIS and VIS technologies to help link environmental and life sciences research with policy, planning, and decision making geared to promoting sustainable development. For details on one method the RWBC is exploring along these lines, see:

D. Clark, R. Marciano, R. McKeon, and M. J. Bailey, "Rear- Projecting Virtual Data Onto Physical Terrain." Proceedings of IEEE Visualization '98 , Research Triangle Park, NC, October 1998. 260K PDF file. The San Diego Supercomputer Center's Telemanufacturing Manufacturing Facility (TMF) produced the solid 3D model referred to in the Clark, et al. article. The TMF uses a Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM) Process. Click here for quicktime movie (1.6MB) of the LOM in action. offers another approach to solid terrain modeling. They provide full colour and highly detailed physical terrain models using an innovative technology developed by Solid Terrain Modeling Inc. (STM). STM's web site provides a short movie of their manufacturing process, click here: Windows Media Video file (4.8MB).

For a 3D model showing air space used by the Santa Barbara airport, click here
(photo credit goes to Dave Van Mouwerik, Pacific Geo Technologies)

RWBC partners are collaborating to develop an "Integrated Regional Canvas" of the Southern California-Northern Baja California crossborder region. The regional canvas is in digital form for web based applications, as well as in a solid 3D version. The canvas provides an accurate physical model (including topography and bathymetry) of the crossborder region and coastal zone. Dru Clark, at the SIO Geological Data Center, produced an image of the Regional Canvas in partnership with RWBC colleagues from the US and Mexico. Click here for the image. To join the RWBC's message board discussion about the regional canvas (i.e. determining its geographical coordinates), click here.

The two links below are underconstruction; pre-roll out drafts

Sites for Scientific Visualization and model-building

Visualization Center at the Cecil and Ida Green Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics.

Tele-Manufacturing Facility (TMF) at the San Diego Supercomputer Center

Education Center on Computational Science And Engineering, San Diego State University







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