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Integrating spatial information on hazardous substances with diverse industrial, demographic, environmental and health data for the San Diego - Tijuana border region is one of the projects within the Education and Outreach Core of the UCSD SBRP. The geographic database we are designing, will facilitate research, education and training, and communication about existing and potential risks to human health. This collection of interactive maps is intended for researchers interested in spatial extents of particular toxics, high school students and teachers in San Diego and Tijuana, and general public, providing easy access and navigation in the world of spatial environmental data on toxics and hazardous wastes. At the same time, it serves as a testbed for new information mediation and presentation techniques being developed as part of the MIX (Mediation of Information using XML) project of the San Diego Supercomputer Center. The data we present include impaired waterbodies, watershed boundaries, toxic releases, land use, biodiversity and habitat. These layers can be overlaid and grouped in various combinations for spatial insight.


NIEHS Portal:

The NIEHS Portal is GIS site designed to provide tools and information for those who are addressing the consequences of natural disasters such as Hurricanes Katrina and Rita by supporting the decision-making process related to:

  • Identifying sources and routes of contaminants Evaluating the potential for future exposures Assessing human exposures that occurred in the immediate aftermath of the hurricanes
  • Assessing the immediate and longer term health impacts associated with these exposures

This site contains pre-formatted or ready-made maps of potential sources of environmental contaminants in the hurricane-affected areas. It also contains aerial photography images of the areas affected by Hurricane Katrina; we are compiling aerial images associated with Hurricane Rita.

TELESIS Quality of Life Mapping Service

United States-Mexico Border Health Commission (USMBHC) GIS mapping service
USMBHC Mapping Service/Geographical Information System (GIS) provides detailed geographical information pertaining to border health related issues. The Mapping Service prepares geographical data down to the parcel and street level, including satellite and aerial imagery data. Includes links to a document library with reports and resources on Mexican-American border health issues, disease prevention, local activities by border cities, and funding opportunites.

Explore various databases that deal with toxic substances
Query individual databases on toxic substances, or several databases at once






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