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3D Regional Canvas of the Californias on display at the SIO Visualization Center, photo credit:
Debi Kilb and Graham Kent

First draft of the RWBC's 3D “Integrated Regional Canvas,” (topography and bathymetry), image by Dru Clark, SIO Geological Data Center in collaboration with RWBC partners from the U.S. and Mexico, dated October 5, 2002

The precise latitude and longtiude settings of the RWBC's solid 3D “Integrated Regional Canvas,” is currently a topic of discussion. We intend to build a 4'by8' solid version of the canvas--possibly using technology developed by Solid Terrain Modeling Inc. (STM). We are in the process of determining the "geographical parameters" of the solid 3D model. You can be part of this discussion by going to the RWBC Web site's Message Board located in the site's Communications Center. The message board has a forum dedicated for "Planning and Decision Support Tools," within which we have 3DModels as a TOPIC for discussion.

Currently, we have a broad view of our study region; it roughly encompases the area shown in the image below.


Image source: National Geographic Map Machine (w/ ESRI)

The objective is to make this model scalable, where GIS and Scientific Visualization can be merged in views useful for research, outreach, education and planning.

The image above-- showing the San Diego-Tijuana city-region -- was created by Shane DeGross of the TELESIS Corp.-- one of the driving forces leading the Regional Workbench Consortium.

Images of the "Regional Canvas" in progress (Alejandro Hinojosa, CICESE, and DEMO 1 team)

Click here or the image above to go to the 3D Viewer,
Click here for a larger image of the above

Images credits: Jeff Sale [email protected]







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UCSD Superfund Basic Reseach Program

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