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Environment and Sustainability Initiative (ESI):

COPY OF RENEW-SD Proposal , Jan. 15, 2007 (click here for pdf)
Regional Ecology Network and Environmental Workbench for Sustainable Development

Summary of first Workshop, April 19, 2007 (click here for pdf)

The ESI's RENEW-SD Project is being developed in partnership with UCSD's Superfund Basic Research Program, Research Translation Core and Community Outreach Core:

Individuals who have participated in the evolution/development of the
ESI RENEW-SD Project as of January 2007:

Sundari Baru
Dan Cayan
David Cleveland
Teddy Cruz
Bill Hodgkiss
Charlie Kennel
Richard Marciano
B. Greg Mitchell
Reagan Moore
David Pellow
Keith Pezzoli
Hiram Sarabia
Cindy Santini
David Schkade
Lisa Shaffer
Jim Shea
Gabriele Wienhausen
Jason Wiskerschen
Ilya Zaslavsky

Flagship Meeting
Friday, Jan 5, 2007,  11:30am-1:30pm
Calit2 Building, Room # 3004

RENEW-SD's initial project focus: "University-community-government collaboration in field-based
applications of new biomolecular tools for environmental monitoring."


  1. Introductions/ 5 min.
  2. Lisa Shaffer: Flagship expectations/ 5 min.
  3. Keith Pezzoli: Flagship criteria for success, strategic plan for near and long term, leveraging the existing Regional Workbench Consortium platform/ 25 min.
  4. Hiram Sarabia: Flagship specific project focus/15 min.
  5. David Cleveland (TELESIS): Comment on the proposed study region and IT systems involving university-community partnerships/ 5 min.
  6. Gabriele Wienhausen: ESI education initiative and potential links to Flagship effort/ 5 min.
  7. Reagan Moore ( San Diego Supercomputer Center): Technical trends including IRODS and Grid technology relevant to Flagship/ 5 min.
  8. Cindy Santini (Digital Mud, RWBC web master): Comments on groupware for collaborative research, education & outreach/ 5 min.
  9. Bill Hodgkiss, David Schkade, Dan Cayan (comments/suggestions by those on the Flagship steering committee).
  10. Open discussion/ Next steps

The Friday, Jan. 5th meeting had a twofold objective: (1) detail a specific, promising and doable project within the budget and timeframe required, and (2) draw out the broader implications of this specific project as an exemplary/ extensible model --that is to say, feature it as a case for our longer term effort to promote sustainability through science communication and integration (science-to-science; science-to-society). We also touched on other demands being made of the Flagship project, including: the need for specific deliverables, ideas about funding sources, and methods to enable multidisciplinary collaboration involving problem-driven and civically-engaged research/outreach.


1. Powerpoint presentation shown at Jan. 5, 2006 meeting, click here for ppt

2. Handout distributed at Jan. 5, 2006 meeting outlining initial project focus: "Using new biomolecular technologies to improve environmental monitoring," click here for pdf.

3. Two background docs for the Dec. 7, 2006 ESI Flagship project development meeting, click here for pdf

4. Documents with details about the prospective study region

  • David Cleveland, TELESIS, Community Mapping and Analysis, click here for pdf
  • David Cleveland, Community Fact Sheets re prospective study region, click here for pdf.
  • TELESIS Neighborhood Studies Project (done in partnership with UCSD students), click here
  • TELESIS San Diego Making Connections project, click here
  • Weston Solutions, Inc: Chollas Creek TMDL and Source Loading, Best Management Practices, and Monitoring Strategy Assessment, Final Report (Prepared for: City of San Diego), September 2006,
    click here

5. Review of a popular academic text: Sustainable Urban Development Reader, which mentions ESI and the Regional Workbench, click here for pdf.

6. Draft Proposal, dated Dec. 15, 2006, written by ESI leaders focused on enabling civically-engaged service learning --- " Sustainability Across the Curriculum: Perspectives of Place - the Scripps Knoll/Coastal Chaparral Project," click here for pdf.

Links to relevant pages on the RWBC web site:

UCSD-TV documentary about the RWBC (28 minutes,click here for link to UCSD TV archive).

RWBC five year anniversary report (2000-2005), click here for pdf

Regional Workbench Consortium (RWBC) EXPO (May 29, 2003 Roll Out )
SBRP_outreach_expo03.pdf (23 pages, main report)

SBRP_outreach_expo03_apdx.pdf (22 pages, appendix)

RWBC brochure
rwbc_brochure_5_28_03.pdf (2 pages)

RWBC projects database, click here.

RWBC Education Center, click here

RWBC Student research and networking resources, click here

RWBC Interactive narratives and video documentaries, click here

RWBC Interactive mapping resources, including the NIEHS Portal click here

Sample list of funding sources, click here

Binational Conference on Toxics and Environmental Health, June 2000
binationalconf_rpt00_main.pdf (English Version, 57 pages)
binationalconf_rpt00_apx.pdf (Appendix, 12 pages)
binationalconf_rpt00_spanish.pdf (Spanish translation, 11 pages).

Global Planning Grid initiative








Funded By:
UCSD Superfund Basic Reseach Program

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